The Big Special

Independence Day

As we emerge from challenging times and celebrate our Independence, we’ll create and distribute your important Press Releases (and more)… and save you 29%.

Right now, as we began to return to some level of normality, many businesses are finding it helpful to distribute professionally produced press releases for a number of possible reasons, such as:

    • Announcing new plans and/or procedures
    • Changes or additions to product lines
    • Special pricing or service options
    • And much more, like shows, endorsements, etc.

Since 2008, GUITARpr has served the marketing, media and PR needs of small to medium size guitar-related companies and we’re grateful for your support of our business all these years. We hope that for some of you, this offer may help you to stay connected to your industry, customers, media and others as we all travel on the road back (to the future).

Get Press Release(s) or Other Services and SAVE 29%


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That’s it. We do all the heavy lifting. It’s our strong suit. Offer good through JULY 31, 2021.

Contact us if you have any questions.

SAVE 29%