What’s a Structured Service?

After quite a few years of operating a rather traditional PR-like marketing communications firm at GuitarPR, dealing mostly with smaller companies in the guitar universe, it dawned on us that traditional wasn’t necessarily right for many of the folks we were talking to.

So, in our never-ending quest for simplicity and cost-effectiveness, we set out to create a new platform of affordable, structured services that could provide agency-quality work at a reasonable and predictable price for a whole new group of potential clients.

In 2015, GuitarPR introduced the first iteration of the structured press release service. In the early days, there were two services: Self-Serve and Full-Serve. Kind of like gas stations used to be. But unlike the path that gas stations took, our Self-Serve idea failed. It’s turned out that almost everybody who used it needed help in one way or another. Mostly, they lacked the experience or knowledge that comes with years of doing it to create compelling press releases. So we had to step in. Almost always.

A year into to it, we went full concierge. We closed down the Self-Serve platform and put all our focus into creating an efficient, effective and affordable press release service with a lot of bells and whistles. And now, years later, it’s a well-oiled machine. Using a tight 10-step sequence, our Structured Press Release services create and deliver marketable news to both media and markets with thoughtfulness, creativity and precision.

Once we knew that this concept worked, we set out to create other kinds of structured services in other areas of the GuitarPR business, like Marketing Services and Consulting Services. And now, with the introduction of The Guitar Business Store, it’s even easier to engage these services in a convenient setting.

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